'Donald Trump likes being a dictator, that's why he respects Vladimir Putin' says UK Republican

'Donald Trump likes this idea of complete control, power and being a dictator', says Republicans Overseas UK

Donald Trump claimed Vladimir Putin is a better leader than Barack Obama

Friday, September 9, 2016

Donald Trump praised Vladimir Putin because he likes the idea of being a dictator, according to a spokesperson for Republicans Overseas UK.

Kate Andrews, who is personally opposed to Trump, was speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer after Trump said Putin was "very much of a leader" and compared him favourably with Barack Obama.

Andrews said: "Leadership comes from the top and I think what Donald Trump was trying to tap into, in a very offensive way, was that President Obama hasn't been the leader we wanted him to be because leadership requires confidence and strength.

"It suggests to us is that Trump likes this idea of complete control and of power and of being a dictator."

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