Donald Trump might quit when it gets boring, says Sam Delaney

'Donald Trump will struggle to stay engaged with being president', says Sam Delaney

Sam Delaney

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Just hours after the US presidential election, the shock of the American people is still raw - and our presenter Sam Delaney is covering all the anger, revulsion and excitement from Washington.

Jon Holmes invited the talkRADIO presenter onto his show to reveal what the atmosphere was like as he watched the results come in, and got his view on Donald Trump.

"All eyes were on the screens [in the bar], there were tonnes of screens around, everyone was getting drunk and having a party - except everyone around here is a Hillary fan," Sam told Jon.

Turning to Trump's prospects as president, Sam said: "Being a president of a huge country like America is really boring and a right hassle, and someone with his attention span and narcissism and level of intellect will probably struggle to stay engaged with it for a long time. He might quit.

"I suspect Donald Trump is not going to be able to have the inclination or have the stamina to push through some of his insane ideas."

You can listen to Sam's interview by clicking above, or go to between 4 and 7pm to hear him live from Washington