'Donald Trump is only threatening to reject election result because he knows he's lost'

'Donald Trump knows he is losing and will have to accept the result of the presidential election', says Democrats Abroad

Donald Trump (Getty)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Donald Trump will have to accept the result of the presidential election and he's only claiming he may not because he knows he's losing, according to Democrats Abroad. 

Trump has refused to commit to accepting the result of the presidential election if he loses. Current President Barack Obama has warned this comment is "dangerous" and undermines American democracy. Trump has also claimed that the election is rigged. 

UK vice-chair of Democrats Abroad Inge Kjemtrup told Julia Hartley-Brewer that respecting elections results is "part of the democratic fibre of this country."

"This is so far the biggest fallout of the debate," she continued. "Not only has he insulted virtually every aspect of American society, now he seems to have his doubts about the democratic process. I think he's not in the right place right now and the American people are really beginning to see that pretty quickly.

"I think he's bringing this up because he knows he's losing."

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