Donald Trump ramps up Arnold Schwarzenegger feud: 'as a governor he was bad, on Apprentice he was worse'

Friday, February 3, 2017

Donald Trump has taken his tit-for-tat feud with Arnold Schwarzenegger to a new level by slamming the former bodybuilder's record as a governor and Apprentice contestant.

The US President said yesterday (Thursday) that he wanted to "pray for Arnold" due to the low viewing figures Schwarzenegger is pulling in as host of Celebrity Apprentice, the all-star spin-off of the iconic business show Mr Trump previously fronted.

In response Schwarzenegger suggested he and Mr Trump switch roles, implying that he would do a better job as President than the Republican billionaire.

Now Trump has written back, tweeting that the Terminator and Predator star has failed as both Governor of California and as an Apprentice host.

With a virtual pat of the head, he added: "but at least he tried hard."

The tweet attracted hundreds of likes and shares within seconds of its publication, and the Twitterati will now be eagerly awaiting Schwarzenegger's reply.

We only hope, for Donald's sake, that is doesn't come to blows.