Donald Trump is 'remarkably unprepared for meeting with Vladimir Putin'

Donald Trump is 'remarkably unprepared for meeting with Vladimir Putin'

Donald Trump has arrived at the G20 Summit

Friday, July 7, 2017

Donald Trump is set to meet Vladimir Putin today (July 7), but it is claimed he is "remarkably unprepared."

They will meet as part of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, and it is the first time the pair will have met face to face.

But a political reporter from American media organisation NPR Mara Liasson is concerned about how the meeting will play out, according to The Independent.

She said: "The President has been described as having no set agenda, that he’s just going to talk about whatever is on his mind at the moment.

"It’s like the meeting with Putin is the same thing as him waking up at six in the morning and tweeting."

But she believes the Russian President will definitely have his own agenda for the meeting. The reporter went on to say that Putin is likely to do a "deep dive" into the US President's psyche.

Liasson also added: "Being unpredictable is not necessarily bad, being unprepared is a different matter."

The reporter also thinks there will be an "elephant in the room" about the FBI investigations into Russia and Trump campaign team members.

There have thus far been no reports to suggest that the Presidents are likely to discuss the investigation, or even the alleged claims that Russia interfered in the US election.