Donald Trump retweets: Widower of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox says state visit must be cancelled

Brendan Cox spoke to talkRADIO this morning

Brendan Cox spoke to talkRADIO this morning

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The widower of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox has told talkRADIO that Donald Trump's retweet of Jayda Fransen is "a new low" and urged the cancellation of his state visit.

Brendan Cox spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer a day after Trump retweeted a series of videos posted online by Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First. Cox's wife was killed by a far-right extremist who shouted "Britain first" as he murdered her, although Fransen and her party deny he was referring to them.

Cox said: "We've all got used to an extent to this President retweeting hateful things, saying hateful things. But his active promotion of a group on the lunatic fringe of British society, whose leaders are convicted criminals on the basis of religious hatred... is a new low by an already pretty depressing President."

Cox, who now campaigns against extremism in memory of his wife, added that Theresa May "got it right" by condemning Trump, as "often governments try to avoid this kind of conflict."

However he implored the Prime Minister to go further and cancel Trump's state visit - even though he feels it was probably already untenable, even before yesterday's events.

"This state visit was a bad idea when it was issued," Cox said. "A state visit is not a right, it is a privilege, that normally comes to US Presidents in their second term.

"I think it was offered too quickly but effectively it had been cancelled before yesterday."

"Donald Trump has a track record of lecturing our Prime Minister, of [encouraging] far-right hatred, of leaking terror investigations. This is not a man we should give this privilege [of a state matters] too."

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