Donald Trump says he has nothing to do with Russia: 'No loans, no deals, no nothing'

Kremlin and Donald Trump deny 'compromising information' report

Donald Trump has blasted the report on Twitter

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Donald Trump has said he has nothing to with Russia, hours after allegations that the Kremlin has a dossier on him.

Addressing followers on his Twitter account, the President-elect said Russia has no leverage over him and he has no contact with the country.

Mr Trump and Vladimir Putin earlier denied allegations that Russia has a dossier of sleazy revelations on the US President-elect.

Nine days before Mr Trump's inauguration, it has been claimed that Russia operatives possess a dossier full of compromising information about him, including the alleged use of Russian prostitutes.

CNN broke the story yesterday, while Buzzfeed published the full unsubstantiated report online.

The FBI has opened an investigation to verify the allegations, but Mr Trump, who has been highly critical of US intelligence in recent weeks, has said reports of a dossier have absolutely no basis in fact.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Mr Putin has also slammed the report, denying the claims and saying they are nothing more than an attempt to harm relations between the two countries. 

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