Donald Trump secretly fears he won't win travel ban Supreme Court case, says political commentator

'Donald Trump will be reluctant to go to the Supreme Court for fear he won't win', says political commentator

Donald Trump's travel ban is currently lifted

Friday, February 10, 2017

Donald Trump will be reluctant to ask the Supreme Court to review his travel ban executive order in case he fails, says a political commentator and prominent critic of the President.

Judges have upheld a decision made last week by Judge James Robart to suspend Trump's travel ban. The federal government can now ask the Supreme Court to review the ninth circuit’s ruling, and Mr Trump has already told his adversaries 'SEE YOU IN COURT' in an angry tweet.

But Bill Barnard, an author, historian and member of Democrats Abroad, told Julia Hartley-Brewer the federal government will be reluctant to ask the Supreme Court to review the ruling, because they fear "they won’t win."

He added that "Donald Trump and [Steve] Bannon are perfectly happy to have the country on edge and the country fearful for its security," and the travel ban controversy shows how "shambolic" and "dangerously amateurish" the new administration is.

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