Donald Trump supporter blasts Charlottesville criticism: 'You'd think he'd driven the car'

Charlottesville: Julia Hartley-Brewer argues with Charlie Wolf over Donald Trump's statement

The Trump supporter defended the President over a statement made in the wake of the attack

Monday, August 14, 2017

A Donald Trump supporter has attempted to defend the embattled president over his response to the Charlottesville crisis, saying "you'd think he was driving the car" which was used to kill a protester over the weekend.

Charlie Wolf also claimed Trump was right to criticise all sides in the violence during a testy conversation with Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Trump has been hugely criticised for choosing to condemn all sides, rather than focusing on the right-wing group which organised the rally in Virginia, after an anti-fascist demonstrator was run down by a car.

But Wolf said: "The story is about Nazis, White Supremacists and others holding this horrible rally. The story’s not about Trump, that's where the press is going wrong.

"The violence was not with the President. You'd think he was driving the car the way the press were reacting."

Turning to the context of Trump's message, Wolf, former head of communications at Republicans Abroad, continued: "The anti-fascists and parts of Black Lives Matter are just as radical [as white supremacists and KKK] in their own way, and that’s what Trump was talking about.

"The statement was clear who he was talking about. I don’t get what the press was talking about. It’s pathetic."

Julia questioned this, telling Wolf other members of Trump's administration, and his daughter Ivanka, had been clear in their condemnation. 

She said there was "a lot to be told" about a man who leaps to criticise people who didn't have "time to tweet" about a white supremacist march.

The commentator dismissed this, saying: "The guy is the president for everyone, the KKK and white supremacists don't represent what we’re about.

"It’s time to end all this stuff, as the President was talking about. Let’s come together, have a love of country, and work together.

"That’s what he was preaching, and to me, that’s a positive message."

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