Donald Trump supporters call for attacks on Jewish townspeople in Montana

White supremacist website calls for 'action' against Jewish town members in Montana

Richard Spencer (Credit - Twitter: ‏@Green_Footballs

Monday, December 19, 2016

A white supremacist website which supports Donald Trump has posted the details of Jewish residents of a small Montana town online, urging readers to take action against them. 

The Daily Stormer made a claim that Jewish people were harming the business owned by the mother of a renowned white supremacist, Richard Spencer, in the town of Whitefish in the north of the state. 

Spencer led an event last month in which he and other supporters of Donald Trump did a Nazi salute while chanting "Heil Trump". Sherry Spencer had told ABC Montana her business had suffered because people didn't share her son's political views and how she planned to sell it. 

It appears to be this interview which prompted the response from The Daily Stormer, which posted personal information of Whitefish's Jewish population, such as photos of people with the Star of David superimposed onto their clothes and derogatory insults like "sluts" and "super-jews."

Trump has repeatedly denounced the White supremacist groups who support him and there is no suggestion he shares their views. However they continue to back him openly and held mass celebrations following his election victory last month.