Donald Trump takes aim at Anna Wintour - but gets her magazine wrong

Donald Trump said Anna Wintour was 'beside herself in grief'

Donald Trump aimed a verbal volley at Anna Wintour, but he ended up with egg on his face

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Donald Trump has taken aim at yet another media icon today - but appears not to have done his research properly.

The US President aimed a broadside at Anna Wintour, saying she was "beside herself in grief [sic] and begging for forgiveness" after backing Hillary Clinton last year.

However Trump made a slight boo-boo by saying Wintour was the editor of Vanity Fair - when in fact she is the editor of Vogue.

In a typically incendiary tweet, Trump also said that Vanity Fair is "on its last legs" (although we assume he means Vogue) and suggested Wintour was going to be ambassador to the UK had Clinton won.

The tweet was meant to be a broadside at Wintour, one of Trump's fiercest critics in the media, but instead all people seem to be focusing on is the faux-pas over fashion titles.

Many people have taken to Twitter to tell Trump he got the wrong magazine, although we're not sure the Republican billionaire is too bothered.