Donald Trump totally right to quit Paris deal, says climate change sceptic Lord Lawson

'Politicians claim they're saving us from climate change to deflect attention from other problems', says Global Warming Policy Foundation

Lord Nigel Lawson spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer (Stock image)

Friday, June 2, 2017

Tory grandee and renowned climate change sceptic Lord Lawson has suggested Donald Trump is absolutely right to pull out of the Paris climate change deal.

Trump has walked into a firestorm of criticism by quitting the agreement, but Lawson, who served as chancellor under Margaret Thatcher now runs his own climate change policy thinktank, said the US President was right to ignore "fraudulent" statistics and "grandstanding" politicians.

Lawson told Julia Hartley-Brewer Trump's decision is "a thoroughly good thing. I don’t agree with much of what Donald Trump is and what he stands for, but on this issue he’s totally right.

"There’s a not a climate emergency, there are a lot of problems in the world which politicians can’t solve, so they grandstand over this in order to try and deflect attention to allegedly saving the planet, in face there is no great threat to the planet.

"[The idea that 97% of scientists agree about climate change] is a fraudulent statistic. The scientists are not by any means on one side... [bu] because of the purveying climate of opinion it's difficult to get a research grant unless you sign up to this nonsense."

The interviewee continue by saying that climate change has become "almost a new religion for people who have lost faith in conventional religion. Nobody really understands climate science that is part of the problem."

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