Donald Trump transgender military ban condemned by UK's first openly trans officer

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Donald Trump's ban on transgender people in the military is "shocking" and "it's a huge step backwards," says the first trans officer to serve openly in the UK armed forces.

Caroline Paige spoke to Jon Holmes about the US President's decision to prohibit trans people from serving in the US armed forces "in any capacity."

Trump's edict overturns previous legislation from Barack Obama, which was designed to encourage tolerance towards trans and LGBT individuals.

Paige pointed out to Jon that there are already trans people serving in the US forces, and Obama's legislation is simply about these people "having the right to be themselves and be openly."

It's not going to stop transgender people being in the military. All it's going to do is force them to hide their identity."

In a series of tweets announcing the ban, Trump said transgender colleagues provide a "distraction" to those serving in the US military.

However Paige said this was a "smokescreen", adding that all the evidence has previously suggested there is no issue with trans people serving in a military capacity.

She also told our readers that the UK military people has admitted transgender people since 1999 and there has never any disruption.

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