'Donald Trump transition team aide hits back at criticism: 'Obama droned us on our own soil'

'Donald Trump's been making the right calls to get US back in order', says transition team member Jan Halper-Hayes

Jan Halper-Hayes spoke to Julia about the latest travel ban and wiretapping allegations

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A member of Donald Trump's transition team has defended him in the wake of the wiretapping controversy and his new travel ban.

The President's new ban, expected to come into effect on March 16, will ban the ingress of six countries rather than the seven stipulated in the original ban - with Iraq removed from the ban list.

The new document has brought fresh criticism for the President, coupled with the controversy surrounding Mr Trump's claims that Barack Obama wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower - despite the reported assurances of intelligence chiefs to the contrary.

But Jan Halper-Hayes has told Julia Hartley-Brewer that Mr Trump is trying to do the right thing.

When Julia suggested Mr Trump was "a national embarassment" Halper-Hayes said this wasn't the case. 

She added: "I think he’s been making some of the right calls to get the US back in order. The elite establishment has been so corrupt."

Halper-Hayes also pointed out that James Clapper, the former FBI director who has rubbished Mr Trump's wire-tapping claims, lied to Congress, while hitting out at Mr Obama by claiming he "droned our own citizens on US soil."

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