Donald Trump truly is Barack Obama’s legacy, says Washington media director

'Donald Trump truly is Barack Obama’s legacy', says Washington media director

Michael Graham believes Donald Trump is Barack Obama's legacy

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Barack Obama's true legacy is the crazy world of Donald Trump, says a Washington media director.

Yesterday Mr Trump held a press conference, after a dossier containing allegations about him was posted online. He blasted the media and US intelligence agencies for allowing the document to be published. 

Creative director of MediaDC Michael Graham told Sam Delaney: "Donald Trump truly is Barack Obama’s legacy.

"Given what has happened in the United States, particularly with President Obama's willingness to bend rules and tradition, because he's just so wonderful he has to do what he needs to do, this is part of the backlash.

"If the rule book is out the window, [Mr Trump's supporters think] 'get a guy who’s on our side who will break the rules for us.' I think that’s destructive on both sides."

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