Donald Trump victory: Democrats need their own Jeremy Corbyn after Hillary Clinton disaster, says George Galloway

The Democrats 'put up the most hated person in America', says George Galloway

Hillary Clinton lost the election today

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

George Galloway has said the Democrats now need to turn left and find their own version of Jeremy Corbyn after last night's election disaster.

The Democrats lost the battle for control of both houses of Congress and their presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

After the shock election result, Galloway said the Democrats threw their chances of winning the election away by putting Hillary Clinton up for the post. 

Galloway, the host of The Mother of All Talk Shows every Friday on talkRADIO, told Paul Ross: "I think the Democrats threw all this away themselves. They put up the most hated person in America. 

"They had a perfectly good alternative in Bernie Sanders, who all the polls said would have beaten Donald Trump by 15 points. 

"Clinton was seen as an insider, a Wall Street puppet. She was the establisment personified. 

"And Trump, though he has gigantic downsides, was the beneficiary of the belief that 'we can try something else.'

Galloway also touched on the promise of better relations between the US and Russia, suggesting Trump was a better fit in this respect than the "mushroom cloud" Hillary Clinton.

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