Donald Trump wants to soften up Vladimir Putin so he'll fight Isis, says transition team member

'Donald Trump is trying to soften up Vladimir Putin so Russia will fight Isis', says Trump transition team

Donald Trump has likened US foreign policy to Russia's

Monday, February 6, 2017

Donald Trump is trying to soften up Vladimir Putin because he wants Russia to help fight Isis, a member of his transition team has said. 

Mr Trump has likened US foreign policy to Russia’s, saying that whilst Putin may be a "killer," the US is not "so innocent" either.

The billionaire's comments have drawn huge criticism, with members of Mr Trump's own Republican party leading the denunciation.

However Jan Halper-Hayes, who has previously called Mr Trump "psychologically unbalanced" despite being a member of his transition team, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that the new President is "softening Putin up for when he really wants to drop the hammer down."

She also believes that Trump "wants Russia to join with [America] in defeating Isis."

Halper-Hayes also commented on Federal Judge James Robart ruling against Trump's travel ban, saying "he probably had some encouragement from his fellow judges" and adding that conservative judges often "become moderate" over time. 

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