Donald Trump: 'We have to keep protesting' says activist Harriet Minter

Donald Trump: 'We have to keep protesting and hope structure around him adapts', says journalist Harriet Minter

Donald Trump becomes president today, and Harriet Minter will join a protest against his language towards women in London tomorrow

Friday, January 20, 2017

Journalist Harriet Minter has told talkRADIO why the protests against Donald Trump must continue and explained why she is joining the Women's March in London tomorrow.

Throughout the presidential election campaign, Donald Trump has been heavily criticised for comments made about women. Comments about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly and his boasts about grabbing women by the genitals caused particular controversy.

Protesters will march through the streets of London tomorrow, echoing the Women's March being held in Washington. Minter, a feminist and host of the Badass Women’s Hour on talkRADIO, will be attending the protest in the English capital.

In an interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer, she said she doesn't expect to influence the people around Mr Trump - but hopes to have some effect on the people around him.

She said: “The idea is to get a few people together to say that from a female point of view, Trump’s presidency is worrying, terrifying, and unacceptable.

“He’s been elected, that’s how it’s worked, but it's not okay to step back. We have to make him aware that his behaviour, rhetoric, and language isn’t acceptable, but the only thing that surprises me is his inability to listen and change.

“But I hope the people around him are smart enough to realise that he’s on a re-election campaign from the moment he takes office. 

"We have to keep this up and hope the structure around him adapts."

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