Donald Trump wins US presidential election - reports

Donald Trump wins US presidential election - reports

Donald Trump

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Donald Trump has won the US presidential election, according to the Associated Press.

The result has also been 'called' by the respected Politico source, but has yet to be officially confirmed.

NBC News journalist Kelly O'Donnell has also tweeted that Hillary Clinton has conceded defeat over the phone.

Trump currently standing on 244 electoral votes and widespread reports suggest that he has won the crucial state of Pennsylvania, which would earn him another 20 votes. He needs 270 to win.

Trump won a series of battleground states throughout the night including Ohio and North Carolina, surprising pundits who had almost universally predicted victory for his Democratic rival.

The election followed a gruelling campaign marked by trash-talking and mutual bitterness.

If the result is confirmed Trump will take office in January, succeeding Barack Obama who has been in charge since January 2009.

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