Donald Trump is a worthy heir to genocidal maniacs like Abraham Lincoln, says George Galloway

Monday, November 7, 2016

George Galloway has suggested that a victory for Donald Trump in tomorrow's US election would cause mirth and mockery around the world, and demonstrate once and for all that America is nothing more than a third-rate country.

Galloway said that, if Trump wins, "there will be a peel of laughter at any subsequent contention that America is some kind of model." He suggested that, far from being an anomaly or an abomination, Trump would be entirely in keeping with the history of America's presidents.

Our presenter went on to suggest that America was founded on racism and the South was a kernel of "apartheid" even after the county's civil war in the 1860s. He also suggested that Abraham Lincoln, far from being the Great Emancipator of popular folklore, had spread genocide to the West during his presidency.

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