Donald Trump would be abusing his power by getting Justice Department to investigate me, says Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton says a Trump directive for Justice Department to investigate her would be 'abuse of power'

Trump had threatened to appoint a special counsel to investigate her conduct during the campaign

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hillary Clinton has warned Donald Trump that he would be abusing his power if he ordered the Department of Justice to investigate her. 

Trump has repeatedly referred to his former election opponent as 'crooked Hillary' and pledged during his campaign to appoint a special council to investigate her conduct in office as Secretary of State.

On Wednesday, it was announced the Trump administration was considering carrying out this promise and ordering a probe into Clinton's activities.

Furthermore, reports in The Washington Post and New York Times said Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions had asked prosecutors to look into the details of Clinton's role in the sale of a uranium company to Russian interests back in 2010, with Republicans claiming there were links between this and donations made to the Clinton Foundation.

The former Democratic presidential candidate gave an interview to a media outlet called Mother Jones in response to this yesterday. 

In the interview, she said Trump's directive would represent "an abuse of power" which would only serve to "politicise the Justice Department and justice system."

She insisted the story had been widely debunked by the media and independent experts, and blasted Trump and his administration for creating a "false charge" to shift the attention away from them. 

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