Donald Trump wrote series of letters to 'mad' Alex Salmond begging him not to destroy Scotland

Donald Trump's letters to 'mad' Alex Salmond over wind farm plans

Donald Trump addressing the Scottish Parliament

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

So it turns out that Donald Trump wrote a series of letters - 16, to be exact - to Alex Salmond, vigorously objecting to plans to build wind farms on Scotland's northern coasts.

Between 2011 and 2013, the President-elect wrote to Scotland's former first minister to object to the renewable energy plans, saying they would have a negative impact on Scotland's landscape and lead to a financial loss for his Aberdeenshire golf course, Trump International Golf Links.

The letters, revealed by a Freedom of Information request on behalf of the UK branch of The Huffington Post, steadily degenerate until Trump calls Salmond 'Mad Alex', asking him if he wanted his country to become a 'third-world wasteland', and telling him that his independence wish would be 'gone with the wind'. 

Salmond was the figurehead of Scotland's independence movement in 2014 and is now an MP in the British Parliament, having handed over control of the Scottish National Party to Nicola Sturgeon. 

Trump recently urged ally Nigel Farage to campaign against wind farms in Scotland, telling Farage that they "sully" the country's beauty during a meeting in New York in November.

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