Donald Trump's administration defeated over travel ban exemptions

Donald Trump's administration defeated over travel ban exemptions

The US Court of Appeals upheld a ruling to allow family members of Americans affected by the ban exemption

Friday, September 8, 2017

Donald Trump has suffered another defeat over his travel ban in the Court of Appeals.

The Trump administration had attempted to dismiss a ruling to exempt family members of American citizens from the ban, which affects travellers from six majority-Muslim countries. 

However, the US Circuit Court of Appeals refused to overturn this, citing the case of a travel-ban challenger whose mother-in-law was exempt. 

The panel of three judges said if the individual's mother-in-law was granted exemption from the order, other relatives should be allowed the same treatment.

The ruling said the US government had not laid out a "persuasive explanation" for why the relationship with an in-law would take precedent over a blood relative.

A representative from the Justice Department said the administration will petition the US Supreme Court to set aside this ruling and others which have affected Trump's policy. 

The ban on citizens from majority-Muslim countries caused travel chaos at US airports earlier in 2017.