Donald Trump's Air Force One plane risked catching fire, according to new report

Friday, May 12, 2017

A US Federal investigation has found that shoddy repair work to one of the Presidential planes could have caused an explosion in mid-air.

The investigation found that a team of three Boeing mechanics contaminated the oxygen system aboard one of the two VC-25 aircraft used by Donald Trump, during routine maintenance in San Antonio last year.

The Air Force investigators found that the mechanics used tools that weren't 'oxygen-clean' - in other words, they could have been tainted with residue that reacted with oxygen.

The report claims one of the mechanics assured another that the tools they were using were oxygen-clean, only for the second mechanic to later discover this wasn't the case, and the first mechanic even said he didn't know anything about one of the fluids they were using.

These oversights significantly increased the risk of a fire while the plane was in flight, or even an explosion, according to Air Force Times.

In total the mechanics caused $4 million of damage through their shoddy work, which was subsequently paid for by Boeing. 

A spokesman for the aviation company said: "We took swift action to self-report the incident to the Air Force, and we remediated the oxygen system at no cost to the government.

"We fully understand the level of responsibility that comes from working on the president's aircraft, and we're committed to our partnership with the Air Force to provide the highest standard of support for the VC-25."