Donald Trump's former comms director Anthony Scaramucci launches media company

Former White House official Anthony Scaramucci launches media company

The Scaramucci Post was launched by the former Trump administration official

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Donald Trump's former communications director has launched a new media venture. 

Anthony Scaramucci has launched The Scaramucci Post at a key event in New York City. 

In a low-key press conference at his restaurant in midtown Manhattan, he outlined his plan to create a millienial-first company to distribute its content online, via social media.

However, Scaramucci told a reporter even he had no idea what the exact plan is at this point. 

Scaramucci told reporters there were no plans to launch a website, but eventually, journalists would be hired.

The businessman served as the communications director in the White House under Donald Trump for a period of 10 days.

He was eventually sacked after media reports surfaced of insulting comments made on a phone call to an American journalist, where he lambasted other members of the US President's cabinent and threatened to fire White House staff if information did not stop leaking to the press.