Donald Trump's former security aide tells Sam Delaney: 'America has many, many tools beyond total war'

Sebastian Gorka praised Donald Trump on Sam Delaney's show

Sebastian Gorka praised Donald Trump on Sam Delaney's show

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Donald Trump's former security aide has told talkRADIO that "there are many, many tools open to America" beyond all-out war with North Korea.

Sebastian Gorka also told Sam Delaney the US President's Twitter handle is a godsend and he's an incredibly charitable, non-racist man who simply loves his country.

Gorka served as deputy assistant to US President Donald Trump, until he left two the White House weeks ago.

He told Sam Delaney that Trump coming into the White House "really was a hostile takeover" but "over the next six or seven months the people who originally associated with the 'Make America Great Again' were increasingly outnumbered."

Given this shift in power, Gorka felt the time was right to quit.

"I decided the best I could do for the president was outside of the building," he added. When he handed in his resignation says Trump "said to me that he will stick to his agenda and he wants help from the outside and that’s what I promised to him."

Gorka also believes Trump's response to the Charlottesville protests was correct and thinks "if you look at the last year of developments here in the US it’s really the left that’s the side that has mobilised violence."

He couldn't reveal what America's plans are for North Korea and says this won't come out as the US "does not give its game plan away" but there are "many, many tools open to America - the most powerful nation that exists - beyond total war."

Gorka also thinks Trump's "Twitter handle, his Twitter feed is a godsend" and describes the US President as a man "who loved his country and wants to support and stand shoulder to shoulder with any other nation who wants to be America’s friend."

"He's incredibly charitable there’s not a racist bone in his body he’s really committed to those people," Gorka said.

"I would just ask people to judge him on the merits of what he has done."

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