'Donald Trump's language makes him sound ordinary, but it makes opponents hate him'

'Donald Trump's language makes him sound ordinary, but it makes opponents hate him'

Steph and Dom spoke to Dr Karl Simms about Donald Trump

Monday, February 5, 2018

Donald Trump uses language to make him sound like an "ordinary person", but if he continues it will polarise his support even further.

That's the view of an English lecturer who joined Steph and Dom Parker on their debut show, as they decided to explore the language used by Donald Trump and how it differs from other politicians.

Doctor Karl Simms, a senior lecturer in English, told Steph and Dom that "what makes him different from most politicians is that he talks like ordinary people but he does that in the political sphere."

He thinks his "most popular Trumpism or the one that he uses the most is 'believe me'", and that makes him sound "spontaneous, it makes him sound as if he’s an ordinary person."

But he claims "the way in which politicians, or any person, uses language reinforces the views that people already have of them.

"The more Trump behaves like Trump in terms of his language usage, the more his opponents will hate him because they think he’s an idiot, and the more his supporters will love him because they think he’s spontaneous and human just like them."

Simms added: "Jeremy Corbyn, for example, is the opposite of Donald Trump," and he went on, "he’s quite popular amongst young educated people, and that’s because he talks like a university lecturer."

During interviews, Simms said Corbyn uses phrases like "that’s an interesting question" to give him time to "analyse a situation" whilst coming up with "what you'd consider to be a balanced view."

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