'Donald Trump's presidency is a demented disaster', says George Galloway

'Donald Trump's presidency is a demented disaster', says George Galloway

Our host made the comments to a caller on his show

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

George Galloway has called the presidency of Donald Trump 'a demented disaster.'

Trump's regime continues to lurch from one crisis to another, the latest being the departure of aide and confidante Steve Bannon. 

The President has been praised in some quarters for visiting the Storm Harvey disaster area, but critics have suggested he turned it into a cynical grand-standing opportunity and managed to miss the PR equivalent of an open goal.

Galloway believes Trump's days in the White House are numbered - and pointed to recent revelations about his approach to Afghanistan as evidence of the chaos of his regime.

Speaking to a caller on his weekly talkRADIO show, George said: "There is a demented quality to it all, John, and it is a demented disaster, this presidency. 

"He [Donald Trump] said one of the reasons he changed his mind about pulling out of Afghanistan is because someone showed him a picture of girls in miniskirts with their heads uncovered in Afghanistan in the 1970s.

"But that of course, that golden age, that golden blonde age, was precisely the age brought to an end by Britain and the United States and other countries supporting the so-called Mujahideen, who are now told we have to fight.

"There’s this demented quality about it all, as if the headscarves are going to come off if only Donald drops enough bombs, fires enough missiles."

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