'Donald Trump's speech in Poland gave a xenophobic message', says journalist

'Donald Trump's speech in Poland gave a xenophobic message', says journalist

Donald Trump gave a speech in Poland

Monday, July 10, 2017

Donald Trump's speech in Poland gave a xenophobic message rather than a more conciliatory one, says renowned journalist Jonathan Freedland.

The US President gave a speech in Warsaw, Poland claiming western civilisation is at stake and we need to consider whether the West has the will to survive.

Freedland, author of To Kill the President, told Jonny Gould: "He went there so it was very well chosen. He’s more or less got a rent-a-crowd of people he knew would reliably cheer him.

"What [the crowd] heard him say and what I think in some ways intended to say is the white Christian way of life, under assault by Muslims, is safe, is to be defended.

"So it sounded to me like a xenophobic message rather than a universal one."

He added that "every other leader would have said and did say something to urge those countries [like Poland] to respect those democratic norms" and have a free press, but Trump instead chose to attack the media.

Many have called for Trump to be impeached following a string of embarrassing incidents, as the inquiry into his links with Russia continues.

Freedland thinks "under the constitution he should be impeached but the constitution is useless if people don’t want to enforce it.

"If he’s able to continue as President, that to me will be a very black mark against the constitution."

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