Donald Tusk has shown 'total disrespect' for Theresa May and UK

Sammy Wilson

Thursday, March 21, 2019

The DUP's Brexit spokesman has accused Donald Tusk of showing "total disrespect" for the Prime Minister and the country throughout Brexit negotiations.

Appearing on the breakfast show, Sammy Wilson said he took no "pleasure" from remarks and critique directed at Mrs May from EU leaders.

"As someone who is proud to be a citizen of the UK, I too am angry at the way in which we have been treated disrespectfully, we have been humiliated, our Prime Minister has been humiliated by EU leaders," he said.



"I don't take any pleasure in the way in which the Prime Minister has been treated, or the way in which our country has been treated."

He branded EU negotiators "arrogant" for saying a deal must be agreed upon before they grant the UK a three-month extension to Article 50.

"I neither want the toxic deal nor the extension, so there's no pressure on me or my party to vote for this deal, and certainly not on the basis of demands from Donald Tusk who has shown total disrespect to the Prime Minister and the UK."