'Don't let Corbyn mug you off' says Conservatives' Love Island-themed promotion

'Don't let Corbyn mug you off' says Conservatives' Love Island-themed promotion

The Love Island-themed bottle on the Conservatives' website

Monday, July 30, 2018

The Conservative Party is running a promotion on its website to win Love Island-style water bottles bearing slogans about Jeremy Corbyn.

The final of the popular ITV show is tonight (July 30) and the Tories appear to be taking advantage of the publicity with the themed giveaway.

Stephen Canning, former deputy chairman of the now-defunct Conservative Future youth arm, spotted the promotion and tweeted it.

Mr Canning was suspended from the Conservative party pending an investigation in February this year after allegations of assault were made against him, which he denies.


Jokes aside, don’t be a melt people https://t.co/rm6oUX8Wvw https://t.co/bspt0Tk3a2

— Stephen Canning (@EssexCanning) July 30, 2018


“WTF,” he tweeted, along with screenshots of the promotional page.

The water bottle prize, which is modelled on the personalised plastic bottles given to Love Island contestants, bears the slogan ‘Don’t let Corbyn mug you off’.

Originally the copy said: “Yeah that's right - we're giving away Love Island water bottles for the final (obviously)," but was changed to: "Yeah that's right - we're giving away water bottles for the big finale tonight" after talkRADIO contacted both ITV and the Conservative Party.

An ITV spokesperson said: "We note that the Conservative Party have changed the wording on their competition and are no longer calling them Love Island water bottles."

The official Love Island water bottle. Image: Official Love Island Shop/ITV Studios/Motion Content Group

“Some with a political twist, some not so much. Either way you're going to be staying hydrated," carries on the copy. 

“With just a limited number available, winners will be chosen at random. So don't miss your chance to get yours. Just fill in your details below!

“#FreeMerch #FinalCountdown #DontBeAMelt.”


There are no plans to stockpile Love Island water bottles

— Ross Kempsell (@rosskempsell) July 30, 2018


There’s a form to fill in, and the small print at the bottom says data may be shared with the Conservative Party headquarters.

ITV added that: "Official Love Island water bottles are only available via the Love Island app and shop."