'Don't shout at me!': Listen to Mike Graham and Katie Perrior row with weed legalisation campaigner

Legalising drugs: 'People fight over drugs but it doesn't mean we should all be subjected to them', says Katie Perrior

Cannabis is legal in some areas of America

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Mike Graham and Katie Perrior had a heated debate with a leading drug legalisation campaigner this morning, culminating in Mike telling his guest not to shout at him.

Things got tetchy when Mike told campaigner Danny Kushlick, founder of the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, that there's no way of keeping effective controls of weed once it's legalised - prompting a passionate response from our interviewee.

Research has suggested that partially legalising marijuana in some areas of America has reduced the amount of violent crime at the southern border. In the UK it is still illegal, but some are calling for it to be legalised and regulated.

However Mike is firmly opposed to the idea, as is co-host Katie, who has rubbished suggestions that cannabis should be legalised, saying weed is a gateway drug and can put people on a slippery slope to harder narcotics, suggesting that drugs are ok.

She also said we shouldn't be subjected to drugs on "every street corner" just because some are fighting and dying over them, in a fiery debate with Mike Graham and a drug legalisation campaigner.

Kushlick, putting his point of view across, argued that prohibition creates violence, and said the danger of weed means we must regulate its sale.

The campaigner also said he only wants drugs to be legally available to "people only over the age of 18 with a purity guide on it and a safer use warning."

He believes prohibition creates "the more powerful kinds of cannabis which dominate the market" as its worth more to dealers who are "in control of it there isn't a regulated supply.

"It’s one of the largest commodity trades on earth and we’ve gifted it to organised criminals and unregulated dealers that is not tenable."

But Mike ridiculed his guest's argument, saying "you're suggesting that what we have facing society is a whole raft of things that people can smoke drink stick in their arms and some of its legal and some of its illegal but if you make it all legal then things will be better than they are now. I don't agree."

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