‘Door is open’ for disaffected Labour and Tory MPs to join Lib Dems

Monday, July 22, 2019

Layla Moran said new Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson is leaving the door open to any disaffected MPs who wish to defect to the party.

The Lib Dem MP told talkRADIO’s Phil Williams anyone who is anti-Brexit is welcome.

“Jo was very clear about this today. Her door is open and there are a number of them [Conservative MPs] who are, but equally there are others in the Labour Party who feel the same way,” she said.

Ms Moran has ruled out a “five year fixed-term coalition” with either the Conservatives or Labour unless they change their stance on Brexit.

“They’re both Brexit parties so to anyone saying ‘oh no Jeremy Corbyn’s a remainer now’ well it’s like the boy who cried wolf over remain. He’s not,” she said.

“Until such time as either of these parties are true believer remainer parties like we are we won’t be going into coalition with them.”

Jo Swinson was today elected the party’s first female leader, defeating Sir Ed Davey in a landslide.

She garnered 47,900 votes compared to her rival with 28,021.

Ms Moran declined to support either candidate during the campaign, but said having a female leader is a “much better look” for the Lib Dems ahead of a possible election.

“That I think was going to be an enormous asset to us in the coming months, particularly if we have this general election that is theorised potentially for some time in October/November,” she said.

“It’s a much better look for a party that’s always spoken about equality but actually has yet to elect a woman as leader.”

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