Dortmund bus explosion: Injured defender Marc Bartra says it was 'the hardest 15 minutes of my life'

The image published by Marc Bartra on Instagram

The image published by Marc Bartra on Instagram

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The footballer injured during last week's terrorist attack on the Borussia Dortmund team bus has described the incident as the "harest and longest 15 minutes" of his life.

Spanish defender Marc Bartra required surgery after being hit by flying glass when three explosive devices were detonated near the bus on the way to Dortmund's Champions League quarter-final with Monaco. Bartra was the only person injured in the attack.

Bartra has written a message of reassurance to fans on Instagram, accompanied by a picture taken with his wife and daughter in hospital.

The most horrific aspect of the event, Bartra wrote, was "the pain, the panic and the uncertainty of not knowing what was happening, nor how long it was going to last."

The former Barcelona defender added that his only wish was that "we can all live in peace and leave wars behind."

Dortmund's clash with Monaco was postponed by a day in the wake of the attacks, with the French side winning 3-2 - although Dortmund subsequently claimed the rearranged schedule did not give them enough time to recover from the trauma they had suffered.

Far-right link

Meanwhile investigators are now probing a third line of inquiry in relation to the attack, centring on far-right perpetrators.

Three letters were found around the coach in the aftermath of the blasts, containing extremist islamist rhetoric, while a claim of responsibility was made online by a militant left-wing group. However investigators have cast doubt upon the left-wing claim and are now saying the islamist letters might have been a red herring.

Berlin's Taggespiegel newspaper reports that it has received an email referencing Adolf Hitler and describing the attack as a "final warning." Prosecutors have confirmed they are investigating the message.