Downing Street won't say whether it will veto new Scottish independence referendum, says journalist

'Downing Street don't want Theresa May to be remembered as the Prime Minister who broke up the UK', says political editor

Theresa May is to make a speech at the Scottish Conservative conference

Friday, March 3, 2017

A leading journalist has told talkRADIO senior government sources have refused to confirm or deny they will veto another Scottish independence referendum.

Adam Bienkov also told Julia Hartley-Brewer that Theresa May could agree to another referendum - but postpone it until after Brexit.

Mrs May has criticised the SNP in an interview with the BBC, and is expected to accuse the secessionist party of neglecting schools when she speaks at the Scottish Conservative conference in Glasgow today (Friday March 3).

Bienkov, UK political editor at Business Insider, told Julia he asked the Prime Minister’s spokesperson "whether they would veto a second independence referendum" but "they refused to say."

He also said that while Downing Street doesn't want Theresa May "to be remembered as the Prime Minister that broke up the United Kingdom," the Government could agree to a second independence referendum but refuse to hold it "until after we leave the EU."

Turning to Nicola Sturgeon's party, Bienkov said the SNP are in danger of looking "increasingly like [independence] is the only issue they care about."

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