Drag queens going to London nurseries to teach toddlers about LGBT issues

Drag queens sent to nurseries to teach toddlers about LGBT issues

Drag queens are teaching children about LGBT issues (Stock image)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Drag queens are going to nurseries to teach children about LGBT issues as well as embracing what makes them an individual.

Drag Queen Story Time was set up by a man named Tom Canham and it is claimed it will help two and three-year-olds better understand people who don't conform to gender stereotypes.

Canham's project was first launched in May by using crowdfunding and is now being trialled in seven nurseries which are run by the London Early Years Foundation.

It is expected to be put in place at the foundation's full network of 37 nurseries if the trial goes well, according to The Mirror.

Canham told The Bristol Post the scheme is about "drag queens providing fun and inclusive reading for children about issues around misogyny, homophobia, racism, LGBTQ and gender fluidity in a way which they can understand."

He added that homphobia, racism and misogyny are "learnt behaviours" which are taught to people, "if projects like these can go some small way to helping prevent or curtail that, then it can only be a good thing."

However some have criticised the idea as an attempt to encourage children to be gay. Canham also says some have called him a paedophile for creating the project.

Dilys Daws, a child psychotherapist, also said she believes it could "blind impressionable children of two and three to one of the most basic facts of human existence."

She told The Daily Mail transgender issues are "getting so much publicity that it’s getting children thinking that they might be transgender, when it otherwise wouldn’t have occurred to them."