'Drop general election talk and get on with Brexit', says Labour MP

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock has called for talk of second referendums and general elections to cease, as his party's deputy leader pushes for another Brexit vote.

The MP for Aberavon criticised his party’s handling of Brexit to date, saying it had been "a shambles”.

“Let’s drop the talk of a second referendum, let’s drop the talk of a general election, let’s leave the EU on the basis of a deal," he told talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Today, Tom Watson is set to make a speech urging Labour members to back a second referendum before any general election is held.

Meanwhile, leader Jeremy Corbyn has said an election “is coming” and if Labour were to win, they would hold a second vote on whether or not Britain should withdraw from the EU.

But Mr Kinnock has said the party should avoid taking the country to the polls.

“I would very much like the shadow cabinet to just lock themselves away in a room for a couple of days and come out when they have a single, clear-lined position on this,” he said.

Mr Kinnock is part of the newly launched 'MPs for a Deal' group, which sees more than a dozen MPs from across the House of Commons working together to amend Theresa May's rejected deal so that it can pass through Parliament.

“British politics desperately needs to rediscover the lost art of the compromise,” Mr Kinnock added.

According to him, if Prime Minister Boris Johnson can take care of the Irish backstop and combine that with the “really good commitments and concessions” that emerged in cross-party discussions, then there would be “the basis for a parliamentary majority”.

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