Drunk man asked police to help him break into flat, pretending he was locked out

Drunk man asked police to help him break into flat

A man asked police to help him break in (Stock image)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A drunk man asked police to help him break into a flat by pretending he was locked out, a court has heard.

Jason Burns claimed he was locked out of the flat he was staying in and wanted police to help him get inside.

He also told police that the flat belonged to his friend, according to The Metro.

The prosecution said that the police did help Burns force his way into the flat – but South Wales Police has denied this.

When the man left the flat he was arrested by police and found to have a stolen passport and cash.

He has now been jailed for three years, after admitting burglary and possessing cocaine.

The court heard that this was the second break in he had conducted in 24 hours.

After the court case a spokesperson for South Wales Police said: "The officer followed Jason Burns into a nearby flat which he said that he was minding for somebody, but the officer became increasingly suspicious when he noticed the door had been damaged and it was unsecure.

"When repeatedly quizzed by the officer about who lived there, Jason Burns also gave conflicting answers."