Drunk man falls onto train tracks after riding bike on platform - then abuses his rescuer

The incident happened in Ladywell, south-east London

The incident happened in Ladywell, south-east London

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

An off-duty police officer has been hailed a hero for saving a man after he had tumbled onto the live train tracks at Ladywell train station in the south-east London.

Chief inspector Colin Carswell was waiting for his train on January 2 when he witnessed a man riding his bike along the platform, colliding with another member of the public before falling onto the tracks and knocking himself unconscious.

Carswell jumped to the man’s aid and, with a member of train staff, helped the man back to the safety of the platform and away from the path of any oncoming trains.

Once out of harm’s way the man started to come round but became aggressive towards CI Carswell and those trying to help him. By this time Response Officers from Lewisham and British Transport Police had arrived to assist.

They found several bottles of alcohol in the man’s possession and it was quickly established he was drunk.

London Ambulance Service were called to the scene where no serious injuries were found, but the man was sent to the hospital to be checked over.

The man was also arrested for endangering public safety on the railway. After he was checked over at the hospital he was transferred to custody.