DUP 'broke off Tory talks affer £2bn demand for Northern Ireland'

DUP reportedly broke off Tory talks following £2bn demand for Northern Ireland

The talks have reportedly become somewhat strained

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Democratic Unionist Party reportedly ended negotiations with the Conservatives temporarily this week after a demand of £2 billion for Northern Ireland. 

The parties have been in talks over a support since June 9, the day after the election which left Britain with a hung parliament. The Daily Telegraph now claims the negotiations have become "strained" in the past few days. 

The paper says it has got to the point where DUP negotiators refused to speak to the team in London to continue the discussions for 36 hours.

The source of this strain appears to have been an ultimatum handed to Theresa May by the party to spend £2 billion on Northern Ireland in exchange for support in Parliament. 

The demand reportedly caused the negotiations to come dangerously close to crashing down. 

Sources at Westminster told the Telegraph it was hoped a so-called 'confidence and supply agreement' could be agreed by next week, prior to the vote on the Queen's Speech. 

The report comes after the DUP issued a warning on Wednesday it wouldn't be "taken for granted."