DUP could potentially pull out of Tory deal if 'taken for granted'

DUP could potentially pull out of Tory deal if 'taken for granted'

A deal has not been negotiated with the DUP ahead of the State Opening of Parliament

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has indicated it might pull out of a potential deal with the Conservatives if the party is "taken for granted."

The DUP has been in talks with the Conservative Party regarding a "confidence and supply" agreement in the recent election, which failed to give Theresa May an overall majority and left her requiring the support of at least one other party.

The DUP has been touted as the most likely partner for the Tories, given its conservative stance on a number of issues.

However, reports are now surfacing that the two parties have failed to agree a deal, nearly a fortnight after the election.

A source within the Ulster party said the talks hadn't "proceeded in a manner the DUP would have expected", saying a deal was not "imminent".

The source added the party from Northern Ireland wouldn't be "taken for granted" by the Tories.

The State Opening of Parliament is due to happen later on Wednesday. 

Despite the reported turbulence, analysts suggest it is unlikely that the DUP will vote down the program for government to be outlined by Theresa May in The Queen's Speech, a decision which could trigger a new election and eventually pave the way for a Labour government.