DUP’s Sammy Wilson: Brexit will not ‘take us back’ to the Troubles

Sammy Wilson

The DUP's Sammy Wilson. Image: Getty

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Sammy Wilson, DUP’s Brexit spokesman has said that “there is absolutely no reason that leaving the EU should take us back” to the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

He told talkRADIO’s James Whale: “I live in Northern Ireland and I lived through the Troubles. I saw the effect of the Troubles on our community and no one wants to go back to that.

“There is absolutely no reason that leaving the EU should take us back to that.

“Those who have used the threat of violence, it has really been the last argument of the rogues who are trying to keep us in the EU.”



But he added that “many unionist have felt let down by the withdrawal agreement”.

“Many people across the United Kingdom feels she has let them down by the way she has carried out these negotiations – certainly as far as Northern Ireland is concerned,” he said.

“Many unionists have felt let down by the withdrawal agreement as it goes against all the promises that were made not to have Northern Ireland separated from the rest of the United Kingdom.”


'A hard choice for the EU'

Mr Wilson argued that it was possible to have no hard border without using Theresa May’s backstop.

“There is a hard choice for the EU as well. We are leaving on March 29,” he said.

“ There is the potential for a deal because the EU has suggested ways in which the border can be sorted between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic in the event of a no-deal.



“We are simply saying to them that the plans that they are going to have for a no-deal situation should be put into a deal – there is the answer.”

He added: “You have got the British government saying it can be done, the EU negotiators saying it can be done, the European Parliament’s consultant saying it can be done – and yet we are still stuck in this endless argument the withdrawal agreement and the backstop.”