Durham ATM raid: Darlington residents describe power of 'explosive attack' on cash machine

Durham town residents describe power of 'explosive attack' on cash machine

The incident happened early this morning (Credit: Twitter @BarbaraMands)

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Locals in a town in County Durham have described the power of a suspected explosive attack on a cash machine.

Residents in Darlington reported feeling their houses shake over two miles in distance from the blast, which flattened trees and scattered debris.

Posts on social media showed the front of a Matalan store had sustained heavy damage.

The incident took place around 1am on Thursday morning (October 26), and Durham Constabulary said on Twitter that it was not related to terrorism.

But the power of the blast left locals shocked, with one telling the Press Association it had “violently” shaken his house located only 150 metres away and had moved the kiosk in which the ATM was housed metres down the car park.

Others said they had felt the power of the blast on social media.

Officers from Durham Constabulary continue to investigate the incident.