Dutch alcoholic wins fight to be euthanised

Alcoholic man in the Netherlands is allowed to be euthanised

Mark Langedijk was allowed to be euthanised due to his alcoholism

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A man in the Netherlands has been allowed to be euthanised due to his alcoholism.

Mark Langedijk told his family that he could no longer live with the addiction, saying: "This is no life."

He had battled with alcohol for eight years, and had been in hospital and rehabilitation a total of 21 times.

When he first told his family they were shocked, his brother said: "Euthanasia was for people with cancer...people for whom death was already imminent. Euthanasia was certainly not [for] alcoholics.”

However, Langedijk continued and eventually got approval from a doctor. The law on euthanasia in the Netherlands was at first only applied to those going through unbearable suffering” with no chance of improving.

However since April, a study said those who are going through “psychiatric suffering" are also entitled. 

His brother wrote about the situation in Linda magazine saying: "We cried, told each other that we loved each other, that it would be all right, that we would care for each other, that we would see each other again. We held each other.

“If it was not so terrible, it would have been nice.”