Dutch election: Geert Wilders had a huge influence despite defeat, says political editor

Dutch election: 'Geert Wilders majorly influenced language in the whole election', says political editor

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is celebrating victory against Geert Wilders

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Although Geert Wilders is unlikely to gain power in the Netherlands, he did have major influence on dialogue during the election, according to a political editor. 

Mark Rutte has won the election in the Netherlands and secured a third term as prime minister, beating far-right rival Wilders.

The Economist's political editor John Peet told Julia Hartley-Brewer that Wilders "influenced the language of the whole election" as well as influencing the "political dialogue" which was used.

However the political editor warned that it is “slightly dodgy just to read straight across from one country to the next," so we shouldn't use this result as a prediction for other elections.

But Peet added that "we can learn from" the near-total collapse of the Dutch Labour party, as since being in a coalition, they took "all the blame for tough decisions taken by the government but won none of the votes."

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