Dwarf wrestler defends his profession after show cancellations: 'It's Chuckle Brothers stuff'

Dwarf wrestler defends his profession after show cancellations: 'It's Chuckle Brothers stuff'

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A dwarf wrestler has spoken out against the Restricted Growth Association’s criticism of dwarf wrestling shows, calling the organisation “very PC”.

Mark Sealey, 43, wrestles under the name ‘Little Legs’ and has also appeared as an extra in the Harry Potter films.

He joined Matthew Wright on talkRADIO’s afternoon show to discuss the fact that three venues had pulled out of holding a dwarf wrestling show put on by the US-based troupe Extreme Dwarfanators.

Leicester’s Morningside Arena, The Ferndown Leisure Centre in Dorset and the Corn Exchange in Devizes have all decided not to host the show, after the RGA branded it a “freak show”.

“It strikes me that the RGA have taken the view that in performing as a dwarf, people are going to come to laugh at you,” said Wright.

“No, they’re laughing with us,” Sealey replied.

“If they want to laugh at us, they can see us on the street. I’d rather do something to make them laugh with me. If I find it funny, why can’t you find it funny?”

Wright seemed unsure how to respond at first, but asked why the


'It's Chuckle Brothers stuff'

“There’s certainly things I wouldn’t do,” continued Sealey.

“Like the so-called dwarf tossing. I certainly wouldn’t do that. That originated back in Australia in the 80s and it never took off here, and it never took off in America. In fact in America they banned it.”

“So you wouldn’t do that, Mark, because…?” asked Wright

“Dwarf tossing? It’s used in stag and hen parties,” Sealey said.

“So it’s demeaning?” asked Wright.

The Extreme Dwarfanators troupe. Image: Extreme Dwarfanators/Facebook

“You wouldn’t watch dwarf tossing for two and a half hours!” Sealey responded.

“But you’ll watch a comedy element where I sit on someone’s leg and they’re walking around, and then there’ll be another bit where I knock them down and they’ll sit on his face, it’s all silly funny stuff.

“It’s all Chuckle Brothers stuff, it’s all Morecambe and Wise, it’s all funny stuff.

“I make them laugh with me. When I’m in the ring and I do certain things it makes me laugh.”

“The Restricted Growth Association, the way they’ve drawn parallels with Victorian freak shows, you’d reject that?” Wright questioned.

“Absolutely. We’re not a sideshow, we’re not a circus. These are going in proper venues, whether it’s theatres or clubs.

“For me, the Restricted Growth is very conservative, it’s very PC.”



Center Stage Entertainment, the promoter behind the Extreme Dwarfanators events, told the BBC it has written letters of complaint to the RGA and the three venues.

A spokesman said: "The wrestlers doing the tour feel this is discrimination and that any person has the right to choose their own career path and should not be told what they can and cannot do."

When questioned, the Morningside Arena and Devizes Corn Exchange said they had not received letters, but the Corn Exchange said it had had an email asking them to reconsider hosting the show.