From Dylann Roof to Thomas Mair - the non-Muslim terror attacks under-reported by Donald Trump

Dallas shootings, Dylann Roof  - the terror attacks the White House missed
The Charleston church shooting - June 2015
The Murder of Jo Cox - June 2016
Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting - November 2015
Dallas Black Lives Matter protest - July 2016
Quebec Mosque Massacre, January 2017

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Donald Trump and his advisors seem particularly peeved about the perceived 'under-reporting' of terror attacks.

Indeed they've released  a list of 78 terrorist incidents which they claim didn't receive media coverage commensurate with their severity.

But when we read the list, we couldn't help but feel Mr Trump is guilty of some 'under-reporting' of his own.

Because some of the biggest terrorist incidents of recent years - from the Charleston church shooting to the Quebec mosque massacre - were strangely absent from the list.

Now it could be that Mr Trump and his team omitted these incidents because, in their opinion, they attracted fair and proportionate coverage from the US and global media, and weren't overlooked due to perceived editorial bias.

Or it could be because these incidents weren't carried out by Muslims.

Now we aren't here to judge, but it does seem odd that some of these incidents didn't make the cut. After all if a massacre at a place of worship, specifically designed to damage the faith or colour of the people inside, doesn't count as a terrorist attack, then what does?

Maybe Mr Trump and his team simply forgot these events ever happened. But they needn't worry, we've rounded up a selection of the attacks left off Mr Trump's list - check out the gallery above. The attackers have got one thing [or rather one lack of a thing] in common: we'll leave you to work out what it is.