Early election: Theresa May is giving politicians a bad name, says UKIP's Jonathan Arnott

Early election: 'Theresa May's broken promise raises the issue of trust in politicians', says UKIP's Jonathan Arnott

Jonathan Arnott welcomes the election

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Theresa May's election U-turn encapsulates why people don't trust politicians, says UKIP's Jonathan Arnott.

The MEP reacted bullishly to Ms May's call for a snap general election, telling Jon Holmes the party is "pro-democracy" and all about people having more say.

However he added that Ms May's sudden decision to hold an early election, after so many denials, throws up "a question of fundamental truth" and it is things like this that give politicians a bad name.

Although Arnott said the short election timeframe will play into the hands of the larger parties, he suggested UKIP can pick up votes from Labour as Jeremy Corbyn is out of touch with ordinary working-class voters.

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall had earlier made himself unavailable for interview, citing childcare issues. Arnott, speaking from his holiday in Spain, defended his leader while speaking to talkRADIO, saying Nuttall is a "good dad" and he is right to prioritise his family.

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