EasyJet calls for victims to come forward after couple thrown off Luton flight

EasyJet calls for victims to come forward after couple were thrown off Luton flight

A couple were removed from an overbooked flight and reportedly did not receive proper compensation

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

EasyJet has called for any customers who feel their rights haven't been appropriately respected to get in touch after a couple were thrown off a flight to Sicily last week. 

The couple, known only as Manoj and Viddha, contacted The Independent after being forced to leave the flight to Catania from Luton Airport and abandon their six-day holiday because the airline overbooked the flight. 

It was claimed the budget airline had sold 158 seats, two more than the flight's capacity, with the couple pre-selected for removal if all the passengers showed up. 

The European Passengers' Rights charter required easyJet to print out the passengers' rights and ensure Manoj and Viddha knew what they were entitled to as compensation.

The company was then required to place the couple on another flight, book another flight to their final destination and pay them a total of £350 each. 

Instead, the couple were simply told to go home and wait four days until the next flight to Sicily, and it is claimed that no customer service agent mentioned compensation to them.

The budget airline has apologised for what the couple endured, and said employees would be retrained. It called for any customers who feel their claims hadn't been properly dealt with to get in touch.