EasyJet passenger who photographed Nice airport punch describes the chaos

EasyJet passenger tells of nightmare ordeal which culminated in a punch thrown by Nice Airport staff member

Arabella Ark witnessed this shocking moment by airport staff (Credit: Twitter @ArabellaArkwri1)

Monday, July 31, 2017

The woman who photographed the shocking moment a member of staff at Nice Airport punched a man holding a baby described the chaotic scene to Paul Ross this morning.

Arabella Ark was traveling back to Luton from Nice Cote d'Azur airport when her flight was hit by severe delays. 

The 49-year-old told Paul the airline didn't provide much in the way of information and no manager was on hand when the situation began to unfold. 

She told our host: "We were told the plane was coming from Lyon.

"Lyon is 90 minutes' flight away, and seven hours later there was still no plane or information. 

"When we asked for it [a manager], eventually this guy came down. Women were saying they had children, they’d run out of nappies, they didn’t have formula.

"He was unpleasant, smirking, completely disinterested."

Ark said they were then herded into "what I'd call the pre-loading tunnel" and were "just left there," which only prolonged the ordeal.

"There was no air conditioning, and this was after all of this time where there were children sobbing, flopping, everyone feeling sick.

"They left us there again, and we thought it was never going to end. If you want to tell us there’s no flight, tell us there’s no flight - but stop it."

Eventually, the flight number was called, but shortly after they'd moved back from the plane tunnel the punch was thrown by the airport employee after customers began remonstrating with him. 

"This guy was on the other side of the glass barrier," Ark said. "Everyone assumed he was an easyJet employee. If they don’t identify themselves otherwise... I believe easyJet is culpable, because they are subcontracted by easyJet, therefore they represent them.

“My husband was standing, the mother and father and the other people were rightly remonstrating with this guy and the guy whacked him."

Ark also said she tried to raise the issue with the airline, but "the photo was the only thing that got Easyjet to reply."

EasyJet staff have said on Twitter the man does not work for them, saying he is employed by Samsic - an assistant contractor for the airport.

The airline said the cause of the lengthy delay, which totaled 11 hours at the end of the ordeal, was because of a technical problem resulting in a plane flying from London. 

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